Security Guard Services

AEGIS BUSINESS INFO renders the best Securities and Guards Services in and around Coimbatore. For high safety protection, strong security is very important for any type of place. Security jobs across the world are the most wanted jobs. We cannot predict the safety threats and dangers. We cannot also safeguard our belongings, properties 24/7. We. AEGIS BUSINESS INFO, serving in Coimbatore, has great honor rendering securities services to our clients.
Office Security Guard Services:

In our day-to-day life, all of us would come across office security guards. With tuck-in uniforms, they will give firm salutes to us at the gate and be very responsible in noting down the visitors’ list. But their duties and responsibilities are remarkable. The office security guard has to safeguard the office place, the workplace, and also the workers. So, they work 24/7 to protect both the day and night staff in the office place. These securities are trained to access the CCTV, record, and use as and when needed.

Mall Security Guard Services:

The mall is one of the best hangout places, a day out for the people, and is crowded irrespective of weekdays or weekends. It is the place where the kids want to visit often. For safety issues, a mall is a vulnerable place where the security forces act as the important factor for safeguarding people. We AEGIS BUSINESS INFO are very particular in supplying security services about the area’s vulnerability.

Complex Security Guard Services:

Not that the one or same security services shall serve a different purpose. As per the requirements of different sectors or places, the security forces shall differ. We AEGIS BUSINESS INFO know the pulse of our client’s requirements and shall supply according to their need. What will be the key roles of Complex Security Guard Services? They are highly engaged in checking the entry and exit points of the complex, building, or premises. In shift systems, a group of security guards with walky-talky, work as a team and continuously monitor the premises.

Building Security Services:

Building security enforces some skills and knowledge over machine operations and mechanical handling systems. We, as one of the leading manpower supply agencies in Coimbatore, render you the best services on supplying the right security forces need for the right job. So, building security shall be able to operate the mechanical and electrical systems in the building irrespective of its size. A building shall be small or tall, security has to safeguard the building, people from any fire accident and be vigilant in smoke-prone areas, emergency exits.

Construction Security Guard Services:

Everyone dreams of having a house nevertheless big or small. So, We AEGIS BUSINESS INFO solves you safeguarding your construction premises and construction materials. Hence, we render the best manpower supply in and around Coimbatore. The construction security guards are those who secure the half or fully constructed building, protection against theft or any damages, and operate the fire extinguishers, CCTV. Our qualified Construction security guards are on full alert in protecting the construction building and materials.

Apartment Security Guard Services:

An apartment is a cluster of homes including two or more buildings in one premise with a parking lot and lots of amenities. It is important to give protection to all the families residing in an apartment or township. So, we provide you with the best Apartment Securities with full knowledge in operating CCTV and fetching CCTV footage subject to requirements. The apartment securities shall note the daily visitors’ history, keep a watch in the visitor’s parking lot, and be vigilant. Some luxury or celebrity apartments may require armed security forces. We supply you the trustworthy securities services at your doorstep.

Home Security Guard Services:

All of us need a safe home and will take safety measures to ensure the same. Home guard Securities safeguard your home and your belongings and restrain the trespassers nearby or inside the home or villa premises. They perform the duty 24/7 with full responsibility and take precautious action before any danger harms you or your belongings. The home guard security shall handle CCTV operations, home alarm systems. They are physically fit and commitment to the time.

ATM Security Services:

The role of an ATM Security Guard is to protect the cash in ATM and also valuables inside the room. His key role is to safeguard the machines, cash, and people or customer from theft or any damages. ATM Security Guard of our AEGIS BUSINESS INFO is physically fit, reliable, and tackles the crisis.

Women Security Guard Services:

We cater to the needs of our clients in and around Coimbatore. Women Security sometimes acts as the bouncers and safeguard the interest of the women. Being bold and courageous, our women security guards provide safety services for women and kids. They are armed with sticks or rods for their self-protection and also for the people they serve.

Hospital Security Guard Services:

The most crucial role among the security services is Hospital Security Guards. They protect the life of the patients, hospital staff, nurses, doctors, and visitors. Our agency supplies manpower in numbers for more protection processes. Every hospital has its certification based on its specialty or general services. So, every certification demands its security level. In some high-profile hospitals, the security forces are entitled to perform more activities like following the certification guidelines, hazardous material handling, and many more.

Uniformed Officer Security Service:

Uniformed Securities are commonly seen in Malls, Embassy, Corporate offices, star hotels, amusement parks, and so on. We provide you the sincere, honest, and reliable securities that safeguard the building premise, people, and belongings.