Manpower Consulting

We AEGIS BUSINESS INFO are committed to customer satisfaction and excellence in bringing suitable solutions to all your business needs. Though AI is incorporated in some of the industries like networking or mobile services, machines, etc, the work of a man cannot be replaceable. A positive mindset of manpower stimulates a high yield of production and renders the best services that AI or other machines cannot do all the time.

A company cannot be operated without man irrespective of money, machine, and material. A country when it uses its manpower productively will become the super nation in the world. The best example is China. India is the largest country in having the highest population of younger generation i.e., the working population.

Generally, the working population is classified as contract labor, skilled labor, unskilled labor, and general labor.

Contract Labour Supply:

We supply contract labor based on the time duration of work completion. A contract duration may depend on the owner and the work. Contract laborers work for the contractor’s demand and have no direct dealing with the owner. Here we play the contractor role and supply the qualified laborers suitable for various jobs. We are one of the prominent manpower supply agencies in and around Coimbatore. Usually, these laborers are employed in hospitals for cleaning services, hotels for room cleaning, or housekeeping services, and many more. They are semi-skilled laborers who will not require special skills or talent to perform the physical jobs.

We act as the bridge in filling the gap between manpower supply and job requirements from various industries.

Skilled Labour Supply:

Skilled Labours are those who are well-educated or trained professionals and they prefer white-collar jobs. Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Technicians, and many more come under this category. Their jobs require high skill and talent and can act in a crisis. Certain jobs require particularly skilled workers and we shall provide such manpower supply.

A trained, certified, and qualified skilled worker can handle the rude customer and bring back him to the business. AEGIS BUSINESS INFO, a promising manpower supply agency shall supply the right person for the right job.

Unskilled Labour Supply:

Unskilled Labour usually performs the job using his physical strength. Despite machines, some work or job demands unskilled labor. Even today, in many houses, the house owners consider their maid as one of the members. The trust and their loyalty make such a difference. Thus, we provide such loyal and trustworthy unskilled manpower to your workplace or your residential areas.

General Labour Supply:

The new emergence of industries demands different types of labor or workforce. The general labor force does not fall under any category. They perform all generalized work shifting the machines, lifting the equipment, helpers, assistant, delivery or parcel services comes under this category and their work nature may also differ according to the company workplace.